Sale Manager: DP Sales Management, KY
Auctioneer: Thomas Carper, IN
Sale Staff: John Meents, Jeff Marsh &
Hunter Chapman, ASA Representative

50 lots averaged $2,571

Cattle and genetics sold to 9 states including: IL, IN, KS, MD, MS, NC, PA, SD & VA.

Lot 53 - HCCH Upgrade A317
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Heishman Cattle Co.
Buyer: Thommy Carper Jr., VA
Lot 2B - Jade’s Darling Embryos
Sire: WS Pilgrim
Consignor: Richard Jenkins & Stonewall Cattle
Buyer: Nella Ranch, KS
Lot 1 - BF Vidalia Embryos
Sire: Sandeen’s Upper Class
W/C Wide Track
Consignor: Rocky Hollow & Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: James Eastep, VA & Bourg Farms, LA
Lot 31 - SR Ms XU94
Sire: SAV Final Answer
Bull calf sire: LL Aberdeen LL32
Consignor: Smith Reasor
Buyer: Neal Brothers Simmental, IN
Lot 24 - LLS Ever Ready 101
Sire: TNT Ever Ready
Bred to: Mr NLC Upgrade
Bull calf sire: WHS Limelight
Consignor: Locust Level
Buyer: Thomas Snoddy, VA
Lot 20 - SR Ms ZXN4
Sire: SAV Final Answer
Bred to: GW Premium Beef
Consignor: Smith Reasor
Buyer: Jonathan Massey, NC
Lot 49 - BV Movin Forward 5Z
Sire: LMF Movin Forward
Consignor: Buena Vista Simmentals
Buyer: Edwin Raiford, VA
Lot 51 - SHHS Mr High Voltage
Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
Consignor: Harroun Cattle
Buyer: Edwin Raiford, VA
Lot 8 - Ms MLH Dutchess 252A
Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
Consignor: Maple Leaf Simmentals
Buyer: Loschen Farms, IL

the individuals that supported the 2104 Eastern Regionals by purchasing the semen donations

D1 Jeannie Rucker
D2 Kenneth and Tina Poole
D3 Swain Select Simmental
D4 Rocky Hollow Simmentals
D5 Jeannie Rucker
D6 Jeannie Rucker

Thanks to the following donated semen. Shenandoah Valley, Black Ridge Simmentals, ABS Global, Genex CRI and Accelerated Genetics

Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker • (423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
(859) 987-5758 • (859) 987-0709 fax
(859) 421-6100 mobile •