Sale Manager: DP Sales Management
Paris, KY
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman
Sale Staff: Thomas Carper, Tim Dietrich & Andee Marston
DV Auctions Rep: Dustin Hedrick
Consultant: Randy Moody

It was possibly the best weather on record in Family Traditions Bull Sale history. The sun was shining bright the cattle were relaxed and folks were surveying a great set of bulls.

Bulls sold to 11 states including: KY, NE, IA, MO, WI, NC, TN, AL, KS, IN & IL.

60 Lots averaged $3,629

High Selling Lots included:    
Lot 18             SS/PRS Cotton Mouth Z951                                     $10,250
                        Sire: LMF Movin Forward
                        Consignor: Sanders Ranch
                        Buyer: Cammack Farms, NE
Lot 16A          SS/PRS Tailwind 166A                                             $9,250
                        Sire: MCM Top Grade
                        Consignor: Sanders Ranch
                        Buyer: Thomann & Son, IA
Lot 16B          SS/PRS Chasin Tail 18A                                          $9,250
                        Sire: MCM Top Grade
                        Consignor: Sanders Ranch
                        Buyer: Drake Simmentals, IA
Lot 1               HTP/SVF Z67                                                               $8,000
                        Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
                        Consignor: HTP Simmentals & Sunset View Farm
                        Buyer: Gerdes Show Cattle, IA
Lot 26             YSC/NBA Knockout                                                  $7,000
                        Sire: BC Lookout
                        Consignor: Young Show Cattle
                        Buyer: Double R Cattle Co., MO
Lot 29             LFI Mile Man A163                                                   $7,000
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Loschen Farms
                        Buyer: Bunker Hill Simmentals, WI
Lot 28             CLRWTR Lucky Mark A5105F                                $6,000
                        Sire: SAV Bismarck
                        Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
                        Buyer: Twin Oaks Simmental, NC
Lot 4               CLRWTR SVF Brilliance                                           $5,750
                        Sire: SAV Brilliance
                        Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
                        Buyer: Ashbourne Angus, KY
Lot 14             SVF Real Deal Z102                                              $5,250
                        Sire: TJ Sharper Image
                        Consignor: Sunset View Farm
                        Buyer: Dustin Young, TN
Lot 19             LFI Mile Marker                                                        $4,750
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Loschen Farms
                        Buyer: Williams Angus Farm, AL
Lot 42             SVF Z65                                                                      $4,750
                        Sire: HTP/SVF In Dew Time
                        Consignor: Sunset View Farm
                        Buyer: Hidden Creek Simmentals, AL
Lot 15             QSC 2212 of Daisy Mae                                            $4,750
                        Sire: LF Dream Doctor
                        Consignor: Nate Woodall
                        Buyer: Durham Simmental, MO
Lot 2               SS Chamberlain 545A                                               $4,250
                        Sire: R&R Chamberlain
                        Consignor: Sanders Ranch
                        Buyer: Daniel Roberts, KY
Lot 64             CLRWTR Movin Forward                                        $4,250
                        Sire: LMF Movin Forward
                        Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
                        Buyer: Kerry Collins, NC


Sale Manager
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
(423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
(859) 987-5758 • (859) 987-0709 fax
(859) 421-6100 mobile


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