Hosted by: Shenandoah Valley Simmentals
Quicksburg, VA
Sale Manager: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Thomas Carper, IN
Sale Staff: Andee Marston
Jeff Marsh
Hunter Chapman, ASA Representative
Cassie Carper, DV Auctions

Cattle and genetics sold to 10 states including: VA, KY, WV, GA, PA, FL, SD, NM, NC and CO.

61 lots averaged $3361

High Selling females include:    
Lot 40        SVF Candace X502          $7,000
Sire: TNT Gunner
Calf Sire: Kappes Trailblazer
Buyer: Circle H Simmental
Lot 34         SVS Made Right YSL3          $6,000
Sire: SRS Right On 22R
Calf Sire: Triple C Singletary
Buyer: Circle H Simmental
Lot 24        SVS Temptation ZUM1           $4,600
Sire: LMF Movin Forward
Buyer: Donald Knotts
Lot 8         SVS Cottonwood XSN9         $4,200
Sire: SVS Gold Finger
Calf Sire: Kappes Traillazer
Buyer: Corner Creek Farm
Lot 32        SVS Shine On ZWT7        $4,000
Sire: SRS Right On
Buyer: Circle H Simmental
Lot 17        SVS Twinklin Star YUP7       $4,000
Sire: Ellingson Legacy
Calf Sire: SAV Pioneer
Buyer: CS Acres
Lot 6         SVS Ivey YSN9          $4,000
Sire: SVS Ram Rod
Calf Sire: SAV Final Answer
Buyer: CS Acres
Lot 25          SVS Wild Flower YNBB         $3,750
Sire: SVS Snap Shot
Calf Sire: SAV Pioneer
Buyer: CS Acres
Lot 41      SVS Tulip XRN2        $3,500
Sire: SVS Guts & Butt
Calf Sire: SVS Stinger
Buyer: Hilltop Simmentals
High Selling Bulls:    
Lot 48       SVS The Virginian ZXFB       $6,100
Sire: Winchester HR P8315
Buyer: Hilltop Simmentals
Lot 66B       SVS Mesquite ZNBD          $5,500
Sire: SVF Star Player
Buyer: Woolcock Farms
Lot 20             SVS Blowin Smoke ZUP1      $5,250
Sire: SRS Right On 22R
Buyer: Jason Cassell
Lot 15        SVS Main Stay ZPLE         $4,500
Sire: Kappes Trailblazer
Buyer: Steve Wagner
Lot 62       SVS Fast Lane ZXS9          $4,500
Sire: SVS Stinger
Buyer: Apple Valley Farms
Lot 45        SVS Hot Rod Z12J        $4,300
Sire: SVS Ram Rod
Buyer: Warner Gibson Farms
Lot 51      SVS Cheyenne ZXF2          $4,200
Sire: GWS Ebonys Trademark
Buyer: James Wilkins
Lot 49        SVS Sizzler ZXN3        $4,100
Sire: Hooks Shear Force
Buyer: Jeff Higgenbotham
Lot 16        SVS Free N Easy ZPLH          $4,100
Sire: Kappes Trailblazer
Buyer: Dennis Brown
Lot 64        SVS Tuff Stuff ZRLG          $4,000
Sire: SVS Keep Dreamin
Buyer: Corner Creek Farm
High Selling Embryo:     
Lot 1       SVS SnickerdoodleUS09           $2,775
Sires: SRS J914 Preferred Beef
SR Right On
Buyers: Altenburg Super Baldy Ranch
Clayton Moore
Lot 33          SVS Lily XS19           $1,350
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Buyer: James Eastep
Doug & Debbie Parke
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