Sale Manager:
DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller, TX
Sale Staff: Thomas Carper, Shane Ryan & Andee Marston
DV Auction Rep: Becky Wadlow
Consultant: Dalton Lundy

The Kentucky Beef Expo is always one of the Spring Sale Season highlights. Another great crowd of cattle enthusiasts gathered at one of the premier livestock venues in the country. Cattle and genetics sold to 11 states including: KY, IA, IL, MS, MI, OK, NC, OH, VA, UT and IN.

45 lots averaged $3639

High Selling Lots Included:  
Lot 45    WLE The Specialist                  $9,500
Sire: SS Ebony’s Grandmaster
Consignor: Wesner Livestock Ent.
Buyer: JS Simmentals, IA
Lot 11     HPF Miss Pep A316                $8,500
Sire: Yardley High Regard
Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
Buyer: Legacy Farms, IL
Lot 22    Welsh’s Olivia 175A                  $6,500
Sire: JM X1 That’s Right
Consignor: Welsh Simmentals
Buyer: Dillon Simmentals & Tyler Diffey, MS
Lot 8    HPF/Kriz Reisen A301               $6,000
Sire: DHF Jades Secret Agent T501
Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
Buyer: Michael Harrell, IL
Lot 48      TNGL Wheel House A536         $5,700
Sire: FBFS Wheel Man
Consignor: Tingle Farms
Buyer: Don Whitaker, IL
Lot 15    TNGL High Mark A549                $5,700
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Tingle Farms
Buyer: Clear View Farm, MI
Lot 49     Heges Alabama Slamma          $5,300
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Hege Cattle Co.
Buyer: Terry Oliver, OK
Lot 1    AJE/HS/MBCC Hope Floats         $5,250
Sire: Sandeen Upper Class
Consignor: Tingle Farms
Buyer: Line Show Cattle, IL
Lot 36     MMF Savannah Z50                   $4,700
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Bred to: LMF Revenue Z24
Consignor: Misty Meadows Farm
Buyer: Simms Simmental, IL
Lot 30    Ms MLH High Desire 338A         $4,250
Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
Consignor: Maple Leaf Farm
Buyer: Charlie Piercy, NC
Lot 33     TNGL Madison Z469                  $4,100
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Bred to: TNGL Grand Fortune
Consignor: Tingle Farms
Buyer: Everett Gravett, KY
Lot 20     YSC/NBA Blazin                       $4,000
Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Young Show Cattle
Buyer: Champ Club Calves, OH
Lot 13      HPF Sazerac A330                   $3,800
Sire: Mack AF W273
Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
Buyer: Gary Thomas, VA
Lot 34     CLRWTR Kesha Z023                $3,600
Sire: TJ Sharper Image
Bred to: Dameron DDA Northern Light
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Jaclyn Rawlings, KY
  Special Thanks to Lily Swain for show photography  

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