Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller, TX
Consultants: Dalton Lundy
Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
ASA Representative: Hannah Wine
Sale Staff: Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Tommy Carper
Gene Steiner
DV Auction: Becky Wadlow

The Kentucky Beef Expo Simmental Sale is one of the premier events of the Spring sale season. The entire expo was packed with onlookers and cattle buyers on Saturday, March 2nd. The Simmental sale, always well attended and strong was a stand-out at the expo. Cattle sold to 16 states including: KY, PA, TN, IL, IN, KS, OH, MN, OK, MA, MD, TX, GA, MO, MS, IA.

62 lots                        averaged: $3,292

Grand Champion Purebred Female
Lot 44             Welshs Scarlet 161Z                    $10,200
                        Sire: Welshs Dew it Right
                        Consignor: Welsh Simmentals
                        Buyer: Gerdes Show Cattle, IA
Reserve Champion Purebred Female
Lot 33             HPF Crazy Queen                       $5,400
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
                        Buyer: Ashorn Simmentals, TX
Grand Champion Percentage Female
Lot 16A          HPF Melody Z020                  $4,200
                        Sire: HPRP Aviator
                        Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
                        Buyer: Pond View Farm, MD
Lot 29             TWCC Malibu                       $4,000
                        Sire: STF RP Savvy
                        Consignor: TW Cattle Co
                        Buyer: Coby Worley, IL
Grand Champion Bred Female
Lot 50             Lazy H Adkins BlkStar Y203               $6,000
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Bred to: Remington Lock N Load
                        Consignor: Lazy H Farm
                        Buyer: Franklin Cattle Co, IL
Grand Champion Bull                      
Lot 18             Heges Yager Bomb                $4,000
                        Sire: Harkers/JS Domination
                        Consignor: Wayward Hill Farm & Hege Simmentals
                        Buyer: Edwards Cattle Co., IL
Reserve Champion Bull
Lot 62             BONN Upgrade                      $3,300
                        Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Bonnell Club Calves
                        Buyer: Paul Bonnell, IN
Other High Selling Lots
Lot 27             Welsh’s Hot N Reddy               $6,200
                        Sire: CNS Pays to Dream
                        Consignor: Welsh Simmentals
                        Buyer: Tyler Diffey, MS

Lot 9A             Silverstone Chyna Marie Flush        $5,900
                        Consignor: Silverstone & Lone Pine
                        Buyer: Reno Runck, OH

Lot 8A             Ms MLH Elaborate 416Z                  $5,800
                        Sire: Ruby NFF Excalibur
                        Consignor: Roy Canada
                        Buyer: RS&T Simmentals, MO
Lot 24             Ms MLH Cottontail                            $5,400
                        Sire: SS/PRS High Voltage
                        Consignor: Cooper Canada
                        Buyer: Logan Gillreath, GA
Lot 48             AKP-RP Macho 122Y                $5,300
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Rocking P Livestock
                        Buyer: Gregory Armuth, IN
Lot 1               Miss CCF Sassy X200 Embryos        $4,200
                        Sire: Upgrade or bull of choice
                        Consignor: Pleasant Hill Farm
                        Buyer: Lone Tree Simmentals, IA
Lot 38             Welshs Just a Dream                  $4,000
                        Sire: CNS Pays to Dream
                        Consignor: Welsh Simmentals
                        Buyer: Chad Smith, IN

Lot 12A          TNGL Vegas Z422                     $4,200
                       Sire: WAGR Dream Catcher
                       Consignor: Tingle Farms
                       Buyer: Hill Country Cattle Co. 

Lot 57             Rockstars Big Dream                $4,000
                        Sire: JF Rockstar
                        Consignor: Matlock Farms
                        Buyer: 74-51 Cattle Co., OK
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