Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Tracy Harl
Sale Staff: Chris Beutler, Midwest Messenger
Randy Rasby, Livestock Plus
Kristian Rennert

Special thanks to LongRange for sponsoring our sale meal!

88 lots             Averaged: $3,305

High selling lots:    
Lot 2                            DP Miss Pep 301A                               $8,000
Sire: JF Milestone
Bred to: SSC ShellShocked
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: B&L Cattle Company & Naber Cattle Co., NE
Lot 22                          JM Steel my Heart pregnancy                 $5,250
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Bill Sloup & Ron Buch, IA
Lot 1                            PRS Summer W364                             $5,000
Sire: HSF Better than Ever
Bred to: TLLC One Eyed Jack
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Dean Wittrig, MO
Lot 40                          HLTS Cupcake                                     $5,000
Sire: Nichols Manifest
Bull calf by: WS All Around
Bred to: W/C On Demand
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Austin Sorensen, IA
Lot 53                          HLTS Ella                                             $5,000
Sire: WS Beef Maker
Heifer calf by: WLE Uno Mas
Bred to: SS/PRS High Voltage
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Blaine Behken, IA
Lot 35                          TNC Peebles                                        $4,600
Sire: Triple C Singletary
Heifer calf by: Big Bear
Bred to: Big Bear
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Phillip Perryman, OK
Lot 15                          HPF Sazerac A337                               $4,600
Sire: SS Goldmine
Heifer calf by: W/C Lockdown
Bred to: Hooks Broadway
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Haley Farms, OH
Lot 6                            SS Expectation                                     $4,500
Sire: SC Mo Magic
Heifer calf by: CLO Hilltopper
Bred to: WHF Ten High
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Tylertown Simmentals, TN
Lot 34                          HLTS Panda Express                            $4,500
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Heifer calf by: Ranch Hand
Bred to: CNS Pays to Dream
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Ford Cattle Co., IA
Lot 75                          JS Heart Like Mine 12A                       $4,500
Sire: Welshs Dew it Right
Heifer calf by: Welshs Dew it Right
Bred to: HLTS All Mist
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Taylor Ferguson, IN
Lot 68                          BYP3                                                    $4,400
Sire: SVS Shenandoah
Bull calf by: Uno Mas
Bred to:  SVF Buckle Up
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Martin Farms, TN
Lot 86                          FSCI Amber 642Y                                $4,250
Sire: WAGR Dream Catcher
Bull calf by: Lockout
Bred to: SC Pay the Price
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Mike Fogarty, NE
Lot 87                          SS Temptation                                     $4,250
Sire: OCC Rock Solid
Heifer calf by: Brilliance
Bred to: TKCC Classified
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
Buyer: Blaine Behken, IA
Lot 73                          STF Miss AXU1                                     $4,000
Sire: STF Bull 16W
Heifer calf by: CDI Rimrock
Bred to: WHF Ten High
Consignor: Hilltop Simmentals
Buyer: Taylor Ferguson, IN


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