Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman
Sale Staff: Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Todd Alford
Andee Marston, ASA Representative
Sale Consultants: Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
Jeremie Ruble

Cattle and Genetics Sold to 12 states including: GA, VA, KY, NE, NJ, IL, TN, FL, MS, IN, AL and MO.

54 Lots Avg. $2431

Top Selling Lots Included:  
Lot 10             Partisover Witch Pregnancy           $6,200
                        Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Partisover Ranch
                        Buyer: Eddins Farms LLC, MS
Lot 38             Miss CCF Y405                    $5,500
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Bull Calf Sire: Mr. CCF Time to Work
                        Consignor: C&C Farms
                        Buyer: Ed Wasdin, GA
Lot 24             TRD Meyers Magic 748Y          $3,800
                        Sire: SC Mo Magic S47
                        Consignor: Callie Craig
                        Buyer: Charles Stewart, GA
Lot 47             Miss 7P U313                   $3,600
                        Sire: Mr. NLC Superior
                        Heifer Calves Sire: SCE Blackout
                        Consignor: Woodlawn Farms
                        Buyer: Dwight Tatum, GA
Lot 15             GSB Maggie Z116                 $3,600
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force S701
                        Consignor: Katie Colin Farm LLC,
                        Buyer: Penley Farms, VA
Lot 40             SCE Sizzle Y102                  $3,600
                        Sire: ANDJ Black Gold
                        Heifer Calf Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Select Cattle Ent.
                        Buyer: Jay Anderson, NE
Lot 46             HSH True Dream               $3,500
                        Sire: CNS Dream On
                        Heifer Calf Sire: Flying B Cat Above
                        Consignor: Tyler Copeland
                        Buyer: Ed Wasdin, GA
Lot 53             Woodlawn Lucille            $3,500
                        Sire: RC Club King
                        Heifer Calf Sire: KNH Added Value
                        Consignor: Woodlawn Farms
                        Buyer: Charles Stewart, GA
Lot 23             Britt Georgia 0166Y                  $3,300
                        Sire: SAV Iron Mountain
                        Bred to: W/C United
                        Consignor: Britt Farm
                        Buyer: KenCo Cattle, TN
Lot 51             Miss RHF Mollie                 $3,100
                        Sire: MVS Achilles
                        Bull Calf Sire: Dikeman’s Double Down
                        Consignor: Rocky Hill Farms
                        Buyer: Jacob Grogan, GA
Lot 9C             SVF/NJC Sheza Angel Pregnancy            $3,000
                        Sire: BC Lookout
                        Consignor: JRW LLC,
                        Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE
Lot 54             PMS Bar Maid 445W                     $2,900
                        Sire: Sand Ranch Hand
                        Bull Calf Sire: Scelands Catalyst
                        Consignor: Poe Farms
                        Buyer: Walker Family Simmentals, AL
Sale Manager
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
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