2014 Dixie National Simmental Sale
Saturday February 8, 2014
Jackson, MS
Sale Manager: DP Sales Management
Paris, KY
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman, TX
Sale Staff: Andee Marston, Steven Bell, Johnnie Davis

The Southern hospitality is always plentiful at the Dixie National Stock Show every February. The Dixie National is one of the premier stock shows of the south. A great set of cattle and a fantastic crowd in the seats were eager to take in the event. A well-received addition to this year’s offering was a select set of Angus lots.

41 Lots averaged a new sale record of $3,470

Cattle and genetics sold to 12 states including: MS, LA, KY, NE, CO, IL, AR, IN, AL, TN, IA & SD

High Selling Lots include:      
  Lot 1               Pick of JRW 2013 Fall Calf Crop                   $9,500
                       Consignor: JRW, LLC
                       Buyer: PMCC Inc, MS
  Lot 35              DAF Old Mil A402                                         $6,500
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Diamond A Farms
                        Buyer: Ronald Collier, AR
  Lot 12             3MS Allie A14                                                 $6,000
                       Sire: WLE Quota U547
                       Consignor: 3M Simmentals
                       Buyer: Michael Fenton, MS
  Lot 26             HS Catch Your Breath X38U                         $5,300
                       Sire: HTP/SVF In Dew Time
                       Heifer Calf Sire: MCM Top Grade
                       Bred to: W/C Wide Track
                       Consignor: Dillon Simmentals & Tyler Diffey
                       Buyer: Bramlet Simmentals, IL
  Lot 9               Melody Star R&R 3052                                 $5,000
                       Sire: WAGR Upside
                       Consignor: R&R Cattle Co.
                       Buyer: Trennepohl Farms, IN
  Lot 7               Miss JRW Fancy Lady A8                            $4,500
                       Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
                       Consignor: JRW, LLC
                       Buyer: Hilltop Simmetnals, SD
  Lot 8               Rachel R&R 3088                                          $4,500
                       Sire: WAGR Upside
                       Consignor: R&R Cattle Co.
                       Buyer: CK Cattle Co., SD
  Lot 32             3 Aces DMCC Loaded                                   $4,500
                       Sire: Remington Lock N Load
                       Consignor: 3 Aces Show Cattle
                       Buyer: 5 D Farms, MS
  Lot 2A             Triple C Diamond Embryos                          $4,250
                        Sire: Remington Lock N Load
                        Mr. HOC Broker
                        Consignor: KenCo Cattle Co.
                        Buyers: Triple H Cattle, LA
                        Schorg Simmentals, IA
  Lot 11            DS-IS Top Bling                                               $3,800
                       Sire: MCM Top Grade
                       Consignor: Dillon Simmentals & Tyler Diffey
                       Buyer: Arthur West, MS
  Lot 15             Copeland Pride Gal A305                              $3,800
                       Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                       Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
                       Buyer: KenCo Cattle Co, TN
  Lot 13             Dillons W4 Empowered                                  $3,500
                       Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
                       Consignor: Dillon Simmentals & Tyler Diffey
                       Buyer: JRW, LLC, MS
  Lot 37             RRA Forever Lady A108                                  $3,500
                       Sire: BC Lookout
                       Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals & Rafter R Angus
                       Buyer: Madison Martin, TN
  Lot 29             Miss CCF Sassy X201                                      $3,500
                       Sire: TWCC Trendsetter
                       Bred to: Mr. NLC Upgrade
                       Consignor: Dillon Simmentals & Tyler Diffey
                       Buyer: High Hopes Farm, MS
  Lot 31A          SSS Senorita Olivia                                     $3,500
                       Sire: SSS Ehjah
                       Consignor: Triple S Farm
                       Buyer: Bodark Cattle Co.
Sale Manager  
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
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