Sale Report

Sales Management:
DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller
Consultants: Buddy Robertson
Dalton Lundy
Scott Bohrson, Bohrson Marketing
Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
Sale Staff: Steve Sellers, EDJE Technologies
Tommy Carper
Kent Jaecke, Focus Marketing
EDJE Cast – Becky Wadlow
ASA Representatives: Hannah Wine, Junior Coordinator
Chance Ujasdowski
Blake Hauptman

New Market Hall was packed with buyers and spectators to take in the grand event at the NAILE. This was the 20th anniversary of the Wildcats, and an indeed a celebration it was. It was a great and rewarding experience to work with the consumers and assist them in your marketing needs. 65 head of cattle sold to 21 states including: MO, IN, NE, ME, KY, WI, IL, TN, CT, OK, OH, PA, OH, IA, TX, SD, MS, MN, PA, NY, VA and two Canadian Provinces.

13 Breds                    averaged $9,600
30 Opens                    averaged $6,311
64 Total Lots                        Averaged: $6,988

High Selling Live Lots    
Lot 1               RP/MP Right to Love 015U         $25,000
                        Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
                        Bred to: SVF X601
                        Consignor: Hadden Simmentals
                        Buyer: Hudson Pines Farm
Lot 30             Ruby NFF Rhythm Y203           $22,000
                        Sire: Silveiras Style
                        Consignor: Ruby Cattle Co. & Nelson Family Farms
                        Buyer: Felt Farms
Lot 15             KA/RHF Don’t Doubt Me Y81       $17,500
                        Sire: HC Power Drive
                        Bred to: Houston
                        Consignor: KA Cattle Company
                        Buyer: Windy Ridge Simmental
Lot 17             BT Miss Voyage           $17,200
                        Sire: Westfall Voyager
                        Bred to: Secret Weapon
                        Consignor: Aubrey Cattle Co
                        Buyer: Prairie Cattle Co.
Lot 39             CAJS Sweet Emotion 42Z       $16,500
                        Sire: HTP SVF Duracell
                        Consignor: Happy 6 Simmentals
                        Buyer: Ferguson Show Cattle
Lot 16             Moore Shelby 283Y         $16,500
                        Sire: SLC Sooner
                        Bred to: SAV Brillance
                        Consignor: Moore Land & Cattle
                        Buyer: Hudson Pines Farm
Lot 22             J2 Promising Purple Y07       $15,200
                        Sire: STF Shocking Dream
                        Bred to: Yardley High Regard
                        Consignor: Jordon Simmentals
                        Buyer: Hudson Pines Farm
Lot 3               BWL/SS/HS Sweet Lookin            $15,000
                        Sire: BC Lookout
                        Consignor: Luebbe/Sloup/Hilbrand
                        Buyer: Kevin Winter
Lot 43             DAF Reba Z20            $15,000
                        Sire: TWCC Trendsetter
                        Consignor: Diamond A Farms
                        Buyer: Campbell Show Calves
Lot 40             SS Showgirl Z305             $11,500
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
                        Buyer: Craig & Jack Oates
Lot 9               CAJS Lost Treasure Y18A          $11,500
                        Sire: BMR Explorer
                        Bred to: MCM Top Grade
                        Consignor: Happy 6 Simmentals
                        Buyer: Manske Simmental
Lot 54             Rubys NFF Rhythm Z952      $10,000
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Ruby Cattle Co & Nelson Family Farms
                        Buyer:  Jamie Coedken
Lot 57            FBF1 Supremacy        $10,000
                        Sire: STF Dominance
                        Consignor: Forrest Brooke Farms
                        Buyer: Arnold Farms
Lot 12             WLE Crocus Y105              $9,800
                        Sire: LMF Movin Forward
                        Bred to: WLE Uno Mas
                        Consignor: Wesner Livestock Enterprises
                        Buyer: JRW, LLC
Lot 21             JF Miss USA               $8,500
                        Sire: JF Foundation
                        Bred to: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Janssen & Guthridge
                        Buyer: Deryl Riley
Lot 61             LAH Emperor 208Z           $8,000
                        Sire: LAH Sue
                        Consignor: Hortsman Cattle Co.
                        Buyer: Knapper Cattle
Lot 34             Bramlets Beautiful Y100          $7,750
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
                        Buyer: Scott Ison
High Selling Genetic Lots    
Lot 6A             CLWTR Joy Shades Pregnancy           $7,000
                        Sire: SAV Bismarck
                        Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
                        Buyer: Knapper Cattle
Lot 6B             CLWTR Joys Shades Embryos         $5,500
                        Sire: SAV Bismarck
                        Consginor: Clear Water Simmentals
                        Buyer: Circle M Farm
Lot 8               Ebonys Joy x Wide Open Embryos         $5,200
                        Sire: Rubys Wide Open
                        Consignor: David Groves
                        Buyer: Chad Altenhofen
Lot 5               HS Sweet Gem Embryos              $4,200
                        Sire: K-Ler Make it Rain
                        Consignor: Next Generation Farms
                        Buyer: H&H Simmentals
High Selling FullBloods    
Lot 64             Bar 5 SA Allison 408Z             $7,000
                        Sire: Leuport Brits
                        Consignor: Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farm
                        Buyer: A.C. Machado

Lot 66             FGAF Shanti 929Z            $7,200
                        Sire: KNK/CRSR Red Bull
                        Consignor: Ferme Gagnon Inc.
                        Buyer: John Alles

Lot 65             MJ Belle                  $3,300
                        Sire: Bar 5 FF Verner
                        Consignor: M&J Farms
                        Buyer: Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farm
Lot 63             MR Romana           $3,000
                        Sire: Bar 5 SA Harrach
                        Consignor: M&J Farms
                        Buyer: Thomas Baker
Sale Manager  
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
(423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
(859) 987-5758 • (859) 987-0709 fax
(859) 421-6100 mobile


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