Sale Management: DP Sales Management, LLC
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan
Tommy Carper
Jack Hedrick
Kent Jaecke

73 lots                        averaged: $7,523

It is always exciting to be on the green shavings and under the bright lights of New Market Hall. The NAILE Select Sale is always a fall highlight for Simmental breeders to offer outstanding genetics from their operations. A great highlight was the Lot 60 bull selling for $35,000 to Matt Lautner and Seth Plendl then being named Grand Champion Bull the next day!

High Selling Flush    
Lot 1               KenCo Miley Cottontail Flush                                  $14,000
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals & Fenton Farm Simmentals
Buyer: Trennepohl Farms, IN
High Selling Breds    
Lot 26             LFCC Lady K Onyx                                                    $22,000
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
Bred to: Heads Up
Consignor: Lawrence Family Show Cattle
Buyer: Mill Creek Farm, VA
Lot 12                         WRS Belle B409                                                        $13,000
Sire: WS Pilgrim
Bred to: SAV Brillance
Consignor: Windy Ridge Simmental
Buyer: Debroah Nelson, OH
Lot 3               RP/MP Miss Foxtrot B023                                       $10,500
Sire: JF Milestone
Bred to: HPF Quantum Leap
Consignor: Rocking P Livestock
Buyer: Spring Valley Simmentals, IA
High Selling Donors    
Lot 20             CMB Reanne R801                                                    $12,000
Sire: ET Jokers Wild
Consignor: Jordon Simmentals
Buyer: White Farms, OK
Lot 19             BF Vidalia                                                                   $10,000
Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals & Rocky Hollow
Buyer: Dean Wittrig, MO
High Selling Opens    
Lot 34             JPLF Miss Mattock C502                                           $34,000
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
Consignor: Jackson Lashmett
Buyer: Campbell Show Cattle, PA
Lot 50             WLE Wanda C991                                         $22,000
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Consignor: Wesner Livestock Enterprises
Buyer: Matthew Walther Farm LLC, IN
Lot 48             Kemmes Ava C12                                          $12,000
Sire: Silverias Style
Consignor: Kellen Kemme
Buyer: Circle M Farm, TX
Lot 42             Miss CCF Chop Stix                                       $10,000
Sire: WS Pilgrim
Consignor: Fenton Farm Simmentals
Buyer: Lock Livestock, IL
High Selling Bull    
Lot 60             CAJS Sir Charles 42B                                                $35,000
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Consignor: Happy 6 Simmentals
Buyer: Matt Lautner Cattle & Seth Plendl, IA
High Selling embryos    
Lot 62             HPF Ms Honey embryos                              $3,700 x 4 = $14,800
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker or Wheelman
Consignor: S&S Simmentals
Buyer: Moore Land & Cattle, IL
Lot 11             WHF/PRS/HPF Alley embryos                    $2,000 x 3 =$6,000
Sire: JF Back in Black
Consignor: B&K Simmentals
Buyer: Jackson Resources, OR

Lot 71    Mindemann Blacklass A24 Embryos     $1550 x 3 = $4650
Sire: ZKCC Chopper 844U
Consignor: Gabe Chase
Buyer: Judd Redalen, MN

Lot 17A          JF Reba embryos                                           $1,200 x 3 = $3,600
Sire: BC Lookout
Consignor: Brent Hall
Buyer: Craig Pollington, MI
High Selling Pregnancy    
Lot 63             HF Serena pregnancy                                   $10,000
Sire: CCR Cowboy Cut          
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Hilltop Simmentals, SD
Lot 65             Sandeen Donna pregnancy                          $5,000
Sire: Mr. NLC Upgrade
Consignor: Sloup Simmentals & Snider
Buyer: Sandeen Simmentals, IA
Dave Nichols Donation Lot    
Nichols Linden A80                          $12,000
Heifer Calf by: Nichols Quiet Lad T9
Donated by: Dave Nichols
Buyer: J&C Simmentals, NE

An additional $11,000 was collected under the “Friends of Foundation” by numerous friends and supporters of Dave Nichols.

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