Sales Management: DP Sales Management
Doug and Debbie Parke, Drew and Holli Hatmaker
Auctioneer: Bruce Miller, TX
Consultants: Dalton Lundy, KY
Buddy Robertson, OK
Jered Shipman, TX
Drew Hatmaker, DP Sales
ASA Representatives: Jerry Lipsey, ASA Executive Vice President
Hannah Wine, Media & Youth Coordinator
Chance Ujazdowski
Jeremie Ruble, Field Representative
FSFF Sale and Show Committee Chair: Brian Valentine

There is nothing like the bright lights and the green shavings in November that makes a cattle producer feel more at home. The North American International Livestock Exposition is the largest and most premier exhibition of purebred cattle in the beef industry, which means the quality always runs high. That was definitely the case at this years Select Sale as Simmental breeders entered New Market Hall with their sights set on some of the top genetics in our breed. With the harmony of purebred, percentage, and fleckvieh blood lines cattle sold to 20 states including NC, MO, TX, AL, NE, KS, IN, WI, OH, KY, IL, IA, TN, SD, PA, MS, VA, ND, OK, MD and 2 Canadian Provinces

72 lots                        Averaged: $4,824

High Selling Breds  
Lot 11             Long’s Foxy Lady                              $13,000
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Bred to: Long’s Shear Pleasure
                        Consignor: Long Simmentals, IA
                        Buyer: BF Black Simmental, Bill Fulton, NE
Lot 12             Ms MLH Promptitude                       $11,000
                        Sire: SVF NJC Built Right
                        Bred to: BMR Explorer
                        Consignor: Cooper Canada, KY
                        Buyer: James Martin, IN
Lot 16             JF9 Aubrey’s Violet 7X                     $7,000
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Bred to: LBS The Foreman
                        Consignor: Aubrey Cattle Co. and Jarrett Family Simmentals
                        Buyer: Double J Cattle Co, IN
Lot 30             Adkins Minnie Me                             $5,700
                        Sire: HTP SVF In Dew Time
                        Bred to: STF Bullseye 01X
                        Consignor: Hackberry Hill Farm, MD
                        Buyer: RS&T Simmentals, MO
Lot 21             TDR Beyonce 54W                           $4,500
                        Sire: Maximus 391
                        Bred to: Flying B Cut Above
                        Consignor: Taylor Ray, KY
                        Buyer: Tyler Pope, IN
Lot 18             SVJ/KBS Burning Joy X42                $4,500
                        Sire: AJE/HS/MBCC Silversmith
                        Bred to: BMR Explorer
                        Buyer: Greg Drebes, MO
Lot 19             Jazzlyn                                                $4,500
                        Sire: STCC Sheriff Taylor
                        Bred to: Houston X01
                        Consignor: KA Cattle & Will Salton, IL
                        Buyer: Moore Land & Cattle, IL
High Selling Opens  
Lot 54             SWC Ruby Ynona 139Y                    $17,000
                        Sire: Mr NLC Upgrade
                        Consignor: Ruby Cattle Co., IA
                        Buyer: Kappes Simmentals, SD
Lot 38             WHF PRS Heart Throb                     $10,000
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Wayward Hill Farm, KY
                        Buyer: James Walters, TX
Lot 27             Lazy H/Adkins Blk Star Y702          $8,500
                        Sire: BMR Explorer
                        Consignor: Lazy H Farm & Adkins Cattle Co., OH
                        Buyer: Duane Dodge, IA
Lot 59             FBFS Yasmine 063Y                          $8,200
                        Sire: FBFS Untouchable 633U
                        Consignor: Foster Bros Farm, TX
                        Buyer: Randy Ottensmeier, KS
Lot 50             B&K Miss Amazon                             $8,200
                        Sire: SVF NJC Amazon
                        Consignor: B&K Farms, TN
                        Buyer: B&D Cattle Co., OH
Lot 61             CLCC Belle Ami Y34                          $7,500
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Cedar Lane Cattle Co., TN
                        Buyers: James Martin, IN and Janssen Farms, IA
Lot 58             WMCC Merie 335Y                            $6,300
                        Sire: Flying B Cut Above
                        Consignor: Willie Morris Cattle and Troy Kane, IA
                        Buyer: Radale Tiner, TX
Lot 53             HS/HSF Sweet Pearl Y141U             $6,200
                        Sire: BMR Explorer
                        Consignor: Hilbrands Simmentals, MN
                        Buyer: Todd Kemme, IL
Lot 32             GGSF Miss Jane                                  $6,000
                        Sire: SVF NJC Built Right
                        Consignor: Matt Price, KY
                        Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE
Lot 33             TSSC Covergirl                                  $5,900
                        Sire: Plainview Lutton E102
                        Consignor: Tinin Show Cattle, TN
                        Buyer: Kenneth Poole, MD
Lot 51             HS Jewel’s Blossom Y1435              $5,500
                        Sire: STF Dominance
                        Consignor: Hilbrands Simmentals, MN
                        Buyer: Dale Phelps, OH
Lot 49             Moore Burning Hope 32Y                $5,150
                        Sire: WAGR Driver
                        Consignor: Moore Land & Cattle, IL
                        Buyer: Chris Ford, SD
Lot 56             YSC/NB A Rubys Jewel Y18             $5,000
                        Sire: BMR Explorer
                        Consignor: Young Show Cattle, LLC, IL
                        Buyer: Rodney Travis, IL
Lot 40             PCSC Ohio Burning Rose                  $5,000
                        Sire: BC Lookout
                        Consignor: Pine Creek Show Cattle
                        Buyer: Musser & Gordon Simmental, IN
Lot 41             Ryan Dianna Y921                            $4,200
                        Sire: SC Mo Magic
                        Consignor: Ryan Cattle Company
                        Buyer: Natalee Richardson, OK
Lot 57             BESH Ms Encore Y36                                    $4,000
                        Sire: WSJ Encore
                        Consignor: Beshears Simmentals
                        Buyer: Michael Kuhn, IN
High Selling Bull  
Lot 62             WLE PLE Trade Y5127                    $4,000
                        Sire: GWS Ebonys Trademark
                        Consignor: Wesner Livestock Enterprises
                        Buyer: Meadow Springs Farm, IN
High Selling Embryos    
Lot 4               KenCo Miley Cottontail Embryos    $6,900
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Sanders Ranch LLC and Pine Ridge Simmentals, KS
                        Buyer: Jones Show Cattle, OH
Lot 9               CAJS Elegant Force Embryos           $6,150
                        Sire: Black Joker & Power Drive
                        Consignor: High Country Cattle Services, AB
                        Buyer(s): Cale Toews, AB
                                    Kappes Simmentals, SD
Lot 8               HTP SVF Dew the Stroke Embryos             $4,750
                        Sire: Pay Day and Upgrade
                        Consignor: C&C Farms, GA
                        Buyer(s): Rew Ranch, KS
                                    Chester Hicks, AL
High Selling Flushes  
Lot 2               PRC Looking Good Flush                 $7,200
                        Sire: 3C Macho
                        Consignor: Horstman Cattle Co & Lazy H Simmentals
                        Buyer: Cedar Lane Cattle Co., TN
Lot 1               RP/MP Built to Love Flush              $5,000
                        Sire:  SVF NJC Built Right
                        Consignor: Grant & Andy Caldwell and Morgan Phillips, KY
                        Buyer: Tylertown Simmental, TN
High Selling Pregnancies    
Lot 24             HFG Wendy Pregnancy                    $6,000
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Shike Cattle Co & Horsley Brothers
                        Buyer: James Campbell, PA
Lot 22             Shawnee Miss 770P Heifer Pregnancy       $4,500
                        Sire: BMR Explorer
                        Consignor: Wesner Livestock Enterprises
                        Buyer: Horstman Cattle Co., IN
Lot 23             DR Ms 600U Black Dream                $4,200
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Ruth Family Simmentals
                        Buyer: Moore Land & Cattle, IL
High Selling Pick  
Lot 5               Harkers Why Not Me Pick                $7,700
                        Sire(s): WLE Powerstroke, CLWTR Shock Force, and SVF Stonehenge
                        Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals, IN
                        Buyer: Hobbs Farm, IN
High Selling Fullblood Fleckviehs  
Lot 71             JL Babe                                               $5,000
                        Sire: Sunny Valley Sargent 24S
                        Bred to: Sunny Valley Sargent 24S
                        Consignor: Ligon Simmentals and Steaks Alive Ranch
                        Buyer: Buzzard Hollow Ranch, TX
Lot 68             Prostock Giardia 0057X                   $4,000
                        Sire: Star Palm
                        Consignor: Professional Livestock
                        Buyer: Dora Lee Genetics, ON
Lot 65             Bar 5 Danelli 417Y                            $3,700
                        Sire: Bar 5 SA Stimulation 415P
                        Consignor: Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farm
                        Buyer: James Creek Simmental, SD
Lot 69             Prostock Flash Ramana                    $3,200
                        Sire: T2 Roman
                        Consignor: Professional Livestock
                        Buyer: Little Creek Farm, MS
Lot 70B          ICC Tony                                            $3,000
                        Sire: Gibbys Real Deal 25T
                        Consignor: Indian Creek Cattle Co
                        Buyer: Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farm
Lot 66             MJ Her Majesty 054Y                                    $2,600
                        Sire: FSS King Arthurs Majesty
                        Consignor: M&J Farms
                        Buyer: Craig Schipull, IA
Lot 70A          ICC Lady Bessie                                 $2,500
                        Sire: Gibbys Real Deal 25T
                        Consignor: Indian Creek Cattle Co
                        Buyer: Bar 5 Simmental Stock Farm
Sale Manager  
Sale Managed by
Doug & Debbie Parke
Drew & Holli Hatmaker
(423) 506-8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
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