Sale Manager: DP Sales Management, LLC
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman
Sale Staff: Thomas Carper, Shane Ryan, & Chris Smith.
Consultants: Doug Parke, Drew Hatmaker, Roger Allen, & Larry Martin
DV Auction: Becky Wadlow

After a windy couple of days prior to the sale, the weather broke for a gorgeous fall day. The Land of Lincoln group again worked hard to offer their best for the 15th annual sale.

71 lots averaged $4,248

Cattle and genetics sold to 15 states including AR, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MO, NE, OH, SD, TN, TX, & WI.

High Selling Lots Included:    
Lot 33         Harkers Why Not Me W110        $17,750
Sire: STF Dominance
Heifer Calf Sire: W/C United
Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
Buyer: Bill Sloup, NE
Lot 37       H2J2 Angelich Lady B02         $9,250
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Jordon Simmentals
Buyer: Koty Allen & Shelby Routh, TN
Lot 1      DAF All Summer A65       $9,000
Sire: BC Lookout
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Kayla Jackson, TN
Lot 12      Bramlets Joliette B404        $8,100
Sire: CNS Pays to Dream
Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
Buyer: Kyle Brinkman, OH
Lot 40      DF Secret Weapon 101B        $8,000
Sire: Remington Secret Weapon
Consignor: Dorsey Farms
Buyer: Skylar Martin, IL
Lot 71       DLS Dana Z250          $7,250
Sire: STF Dominance
Bred to: RGRS/SRG Two Step
Consignor: Sunny View Farms
Buyer: Hilltop Simmentals, SD
Lot 63         DAF A76       $7,000
Sire: SVF/NJC Mo Better
Bred to: FBFS Wheelman
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Diamond M, KS
Lot 18     CLRWTR Ms Power A9492       $6,900
Sire: RKC/FKS Steel Power
Bred to: Spring Creek Wallbanger
Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
Buyer: Whispering Oaks Farms, IN
Lot 34       Bramlets Mercedes            $6,750
Sire: Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C
Bred to: LMF Movin Forward
Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
Buyer: Hilltop & Sloup Simmetnals, SD & NE
Lot 57       BRZW Miss Ella Grace       $6,500
Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
Bred to: SVF Allegiance
Consignor: Breezeway Simmentals
Buyer: Mike Vogt, IA
Lot 20     LFI Honey Bunch B064      $5,750
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Consignor: Loschen Farms
Buyer: Patrick Doyle, IL
Lot 44       DLS Just About Me B412       $5,500
Sire: MCM Top Grade
Consignor: Sunny View Farms
Buyer: Blake Hadden, IL
Lot 17     CLRWTR On Time      $5,500
Sire: HTP/SVF In Dew Time
Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
Buyer: Ronnie Coulter, TX
Lot 25     DAF Reba A91         $5,500
Sire: Mr CCF Settin Trends
Bred to: RGRS/SRG Two Step
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Owen Brother Cattle, MO
Lot 2     DAF All the Time A829      $5,000
Sire: DAF Upgrade
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Rolling Hills Farm, AR
Lot 5      Bramlets Beautiful A321        $5,000
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE
Lot 7    CLRWTR Sheza Star A902W       $5,000
Sire: WLE Uno Mas
Bred to FBFS Warsaw
Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
Buyer: B&L Cattle Co., KY
Lot 61     CLRWTR Rain Drop A595        $4,750
Sire: K-Ler Make It Rain
Bred to: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Clearwater Simmentals
Buyer: Heartachers Farm, LA
Lot 24     DLS Reba A303        $4,700
Sire: Yardley High Regard
Bred to: AJE/PB Montecito
Consignor: Sunny View Farms
Buyer: Deryl Riley, NE
Lot 55   DLS Skyler A365      $4,700
Sire: Silveiras Watchout
Consignor: Sunny View Farms
Buyer: Franzen Simmentals, NE

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