Sales Management:
DP Sales Management
Auctioneer: Jered Shipman
Sale Staff: Tommy Carper
Shane Ryan
Chris Smith
ASA Representative: Brian DeFreese

The 14th annual Land of Lincoln Sale started with a packed house of Simmental breeders and buyers ready to add genetics from this premier group of breeders. The group graciously put together a Herd in a Tank with proceeds going to the 2014 AJSA Junior Nationals. The item brought $4,250 and sold to Rincker Simmentals.
Cattle and genetics sold to 11 states: TN, IL, IN, IA, NE, WI, PA, MO, MI, KY, LA.

65 lots averaged $3,600

Lot 1       DAF Summer Z65        $13,000 half interest
Sire: BC Lookout      
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Ivie & Sons, TN
Lot 46        Bramlet’s Kandy Z221        $11,000
Sire: Silverias Style
Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
Buyer: Kellen Kemme, IL
Lot 26       HLC Peps Marquee A32        $9,000
Sire: SAV Bismarck
Consignor: Hardy Livestock/Jordon Simmentals
Buyer: Seth Johnson, IN
Lot 22        OS/WS Ruby Red A05      $7,000
Sire: JF Milestone
Consignor: Wasburn/Osborne
Buyer: Troy Walker, IL
Lot 11        J2H2 Sazerac A02       $6,750
Sire: High Regard
Consignor: Jordon Simmentals
Buyer: Thomas Rininger, IN
Lot 24         DAF Scaredy Cat         $6,750
Sire: Montecito
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Joseph Richey, IL
Lot 25        CLCC Desiree A61      $6,000
Sire: Montecito
Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals/Cedar Lane
Buyer: Mike Henderson, IA
Lot 3           DAF Reba A34            $5,500
Sire: Trendsetter
Consignor: Diamond A Farms
Buyer: Mark/Cody Knodle, IL
Lot 8         Maggle’s Senorita Z123         $4,800
Sire: Built Right
Bred to: Lookout
Consignor: Maggle Simmentals
Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE
Lot 51         DLS/DAF Rose 214Z             $4,750
Sire: Steel Force
Bred to: New Direction
Consignor: Diamond A/Sunny View Farms
Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE
Lot 14         DF Melody 64Z           $4,500
Sire: Dream Cathcer
Bred to: Brilliance
Consignor: Drew DeClerck
Buyer: Jason Timm, IL
Lot 33         H2J2 Empress A05          $4,500
Sire: Pays to Dream
Consignor: Jordon Simmentals/Jacobs Stock Farm
Buyer: Junior Proctnal, WI
Lot 12          CLRWTR Sazerac Z94B       $4,500
Sire: Power Drive
Bred to: Uno Mas
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Carl Linehoop, IN
Lot 54        CLRWTR Pumpkin Pie           $4,250           
Sire: Rendition
Bred to: Goldmine
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Carl Linehoop, IN
Lot 30         DF Miss Minnie 303A        $4,250
Sire: High Regard
Consignor: Drew DeClerck
Buyer: Mark/Cody Knodle, IL
Lot 55      Maggle’s Looker Z137      $4,000
Sire: Lookout
Bred to: Gunslinger
Consignor: Maggle Simmentals
Buyer: Hopewell Views Simmental, IL
Lot 6         CLRWTR Zena Z5105F         $4,000
Sire: Harkers Crusader
Bred to: Uno Mas
Consignor: Clear Water Simmentals
Buyer: Stewart’s Simmental Cattle, PA
Lot 66         Bovine Passion Z74          $4,000
Sire: Upgrade
Bred to: HSF High Roller
Consignor: Fairfield Family Farm
Buyer: Clifford Fuemmeler, MO

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