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2015 Mid America Sale
Saturday February 21, 2015
Springfield, IL
Sale Manager: DP Sales Management, LLC
Auctioneer: Cody Lowderman
Sale Staff: Shane Ryan, Chris Smith, & Roger Holstrom
Sale Chairman: Jim Stoutenborough

Despite the bounty of snow that covered the ground Friday night into Saturday the seats were full sale morning. The IL Simmental Association and consignors did a great job offering an outstanding set of cattle.

Cattle and Genetics were selected by buyer from 7 states including IL, IN, KY, MO, MS, PA, & VA.

45 lots averaged $4,256

High Selling Opens:    
Lot 14             JPLF Miss Standout B403                             $11,900
                        Sire: FBF1 Combustible
                        Consignor: Jackson Lashmett Farms
                        Buyer: David Dillon/ Tyler Diffey, MS
Lot 9               HPF Cream Soda B334                                 $9,250
                        Sire: LLSF Uprising
                        Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
                        Buyer: Beshears Simmentals, IN
Lot 15             B3C JLO’s Reba B3                                        $9,000
                        Sire: TLLC One Eyed Jack
                        Consignor: Blue Chip Cattle
                        Buyer: Trennepohl Farms, IN
Lot 8               CNS-HFS Jessie 401B                                   $7,600
                        Sire: LLSF Uprising
                        Consignor: Schick Cattle, Co.
                       Buyer: Four Winds Cattle, IL
Lot 25             Moore Serenity 93B                                     $7,500
                        Sire: Dameron First Class
                        Consignor: Moore Land & Cattle
                        Buyer: Trennepohl Farms, IN
Lot 7               Ms BFC Alley 7B19-1409                             $7,200
                        Sire: FBF1 Combustible
                        Consignor: Jeff Boitnott Family Cattle
                        Buyer: Jeff Miller, IL
Lot 11             Bramlet-HFS Lucy B416                               $6,200
                        Sire: JF Milestone
                        Consignor: Bramlet Simmentals
                        Buyer: Edwards Cattle Co., IL
Lot 4               HPF Dream Lady B305                                $5,400
                        Sire: Yardley High Regard
                        Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
                        Buyer: Edwards Cattle Co., IL
Lot 24             RS Sable 100B                                               $5,200
                        Sire: MCM Top Grade
                        Consignor: Rincker Simmentals
                        Buyer: Jamie Bruns, MO
Lot 27             B3C JLo’s Reba B5                                        $4,300
                        Sire: LLSF Uprising
                        Consignor: Blue Chip Cattle
                        Buyer: John Baudino, IL
Lot 20             HPF/Angelich Queen B075                          $4,000
                        Sire: CLRWTR Shock Force
                        Consignor: Hudson Pines Farm
                        Buyer: Gary Thomas, VA
High Selling Bred Heifers:    
Lot 33             DLS Star Candy A337                                   $5,000
                        Sire: AJE/PB Montecito
                        Bred to: FBF1 Combustible
                        Consignor: Sunny View Farms
                        Buyer: Circle M Simmental, IL
Lot 34             Bauers Miss Gold Star                                  $4,000
                        Sire: Remington Lock N Load
                        Bred to: OS/WS Dude A04
                        Consignor: Bauer’s Simmentals
                        Buyer: Larry Martin, IL
High Selling Bulls:    
Lot 47             FBSC Stock Broker 02B                                $6,900
                        Sire: Mr HOC Broker
                        Consignor: Fairow Brothers/Frost Farms
                        Buyer: Roger Ruppel, IL
Lot 41             RS Downpour 579B                                      $6,000
                        Sire: K-LER Make It Rain
                        Consignor: Rincker Simmentals
                        Buyer: Andrew Cave, IL
Lot 45             CNS-HFS Uproar                                           $5,300
                        Sire: LLSF Uprising
                        Consignor: Schick Cattle Co.
                        Buyer: Wilson Farms, KY
Lot 38             2LBS/B AND P Mighty Max                         $5,000
                        Sire: 2LBS Mighty Snazy
                        Consignor: Lash Brothers Show Cattle
                        Buyer: Robin Berry, IL
High Selling Embryos:    
Lot 37B          SF/DF JLo’s Reba Embryos ($1,000 ea)    $5,000
                        Sire: WLE Big Deal
                        Consignor: Blue Chip Cattle
                        Buyer: Knapper Cattle, IN
Lot 17A          SVF Sheza Star S800 Embryos ($650ea)   $3,900
                        Sire: RGRS SRG Two Step
                        Consignor: Loschen Farms
                        Buyer: Curry Wagner, PA
Lot 36A          MAG Pride 3X Embryos ($800ea)               $2,400
                        Sire: SVF Steel Force
                        Consignor: Graff L&L/Murphy Angus
                        Buyer: Ronald Smith, IL
Lot 36B          EKHCC Crown Jewel Embryos ($800ea)    $2,400
                        Sire: SVF/NJC Built Right
                        Consignor: Sloup Simmentals
                        Buyer: Moomey River Valley, IL    

Sale Management

Doug & Debbie Parke • 859.421.6100
Drew & Holli Hatmaker • 423.506.8844
153 Bourbon Hills • Paris, KY 40361
859.987.5758 •

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