SALE DATE: April 25, 2015 at 6 PM

Lot 1 - DAF Summer Z65
Embryos by LLSF Pays to Believe ZU194

Lot 2 - P409
Full Sib to Circle T Antoinett Legacy
Embryos by Circle T Antoinette Legacy, sired by
W/C United 956Y, LLSF Uprising Z925 & CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z

Lot 3 - Miss CCF Sheza Looker
Embryos by S A V Harvester 0338, High Voltage & STF Royal Affair Z44M

Lot 19 - Champion Hill Georgina 6518
Sexed Heifer Embryos by Mr HOC Broker

Lot 20 - LLSF Uprising Z925
Two Packages of 2 Units, Conventional Semen

Lot 21 - Sandeen Upper Class 2386
One Package of 3 Units, Conventional Semen

Lot 27
- Mr HOC Broker
Selling Four Packages of 2 Units, Conventional Semen
Also Selling Progeny and Service of this Champion Sire

Lot 37 & 38 -
ND DreamBoat Anne 5U
Selling Three Daughters by this Donor as Lots 37, 38 & 66

Lot 39 - TNC Black Bird Beauty
Sells Bred to HPF Optimizer A512

Lot 43
- LMCS 10W
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Lot 46 - Mr CCF Vision
Selling a Full Brother to the $200,000 Mr CCF Vision Bull

Lot 51 - JNR Mr Charmer B06
Selling this Outcross SimAngus​ Herd Sire
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Lot 56 - Ms MLH Emmies Luv 712B
Selling this Powerful Open
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Lot 40 - Click Here For Video
Lot 50 - Click Here For Video
Lot 52 - Click Here For Video
Lot 53 - Click Here For Video

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