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Lot 1 - Burns Barbara 17S14
Born: 6/3/2017    18862836    Tattoo: 17S14    COW
BW NA   Rat.NA   WW NA   Rat NA   YW NA  Rat. NA

      Silverias Style 9303
Haras Southern Comfort 31C 18249239
      Haras Dixie Erica 1

      SAV Bismarck 5682
Burns Barbara 1413 17969899
      WCC Barbara M84
Gambles Hot Rod
Silverias Elba 2520
WAR Cowboy Up 3102
DCC Dixie Erica 001
#GAR Grid Maker
SAV Abigale 0451
#Twin Valley Precision E161
WCC Barbara H293

Consignor: Burns Angus
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
  I+3.0  I+45  I+79    I+17  +5.83    I+21  I+.46  I+.33  I+.014  +28.35  +29.02  +32.74  +81.51 

Lot 2 - R&C Georgina LB 7375
Born: 5/21/2017    18932794    Tattoo: 7375    COW
BW 74   Rat. NA   WW NA   Rat NA   YW NA  Rat. NA

      Dameron First Class
R&C Class Envy 3839 17512101
      EXAR Envious Blackbird 838

      SAV Angus Valley 1867
R&C Georgina 375A 17713611
      BR Georgina T775
EXG Rs First Rate S903 R3
Dameron Northern Miss 3114
#EXAR Lutton 1831
RR Envious Blackbird 1920
#SAV Iron Mountain 8066
#SAV May 2397
#BC Marathon 7022
LaGrand Georgina 3171

Consignor: Lauren Barker/R&C angus
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
I+0  I+4.0  I+63  I+106  I+3  I+20  -9.45            +44.66  +64.90     

• Dams Production: 3 BW@99, 3WW@104, calving interval 368 days. Full sister to the 2017 IBE Res. Champion Heifer. We love this heifer! She will be a contender in the younger division. Deep ribbed, wide boddied & long necked on a sound structure. She is staced with a show pedigree with her maternal granddam being Res. 2004 ROV heifer and her paternal Granddam being a full sister to EXAR Envious Blkbird 83445, dam of the 2013 & 14 ROV Heifers of the year, topped with Dameron First Class, sire of numerous National Champions. Check our Facebook page, R&C Angus for photos and updates.
Lot 3 - Double C Burgess Maid 01YE
Born: 5/3/2017    18857923    Tattoo: 01YE    COW
BW 79   Rat. NA   WW NA   Rat NA   YW NA   Rat. NA

        MA In Focus 756-232
DA Es Ro In Foc us 11124 17142264
        Rietbreg Miss Elba 4210

        Da Es Ro RT 7005 771
Double C Burgess Maid 549 16599151
        Double C Burgess Maid 25
#Mytty In Focus
MA Erica 232
#Summitcrest Hi Prime OH29
Wms ND036 8320 of 598 832
#Hyline Right Time 338
CW Queen Mother 71
Double C Precise 72
Double C Burgess Maid 48

Consignor: Double C Stock farm
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
I+8  I+.2  I+44  I+69  I+6  I+23  +5.75  I1.38  I+29  I+.60  I+.62  I-.024  +47.85  +24.78  +43.70  +119.20 

• A super feminine May heifer who is a paternal sister to the Futurity Champion Heifer at the IA Summer Preview Show and Iowa State Fair for Connager Logsdon. 01YE has epd's  in the top 25% for BW, DMI, YH, SC, $EN, RE, Fat, $G, $YG. Futurity Nominated.
Lot 4 - Moffitt Empress 1709
Born: 4/25/2017    18875466    Tattoo: 1709     COW
BW 72    Rat. 100     YW NA   Rat. NA   WW NA   Rat NA

         Gambles Hot Rod
Plum Cree k Paradox 161B 17099596
         SH Miss Annie Lu 6087

         #BR Midland
Moffitt Empress 954 16481770
         EXAR Empress 1525
#Famous 7001
Champion Hill Lady 703
#EXAR Lutton 1831
RLH Raptor Annie 087
#Twin Valley Precision E161
BR Royal Lass 7036-19
#Northern Improvement 4480
EXAR Empress 7630

Consignor: Moffitt Angus Farm
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
I+3  I+3.8  I+48  I+82  I+9  I+22  -1.62            +34.55  +32.23     

• All the bells and whistles are here, great fronted, super sweep of rib, and smooth jointed. Truly an extremely competitive female at all levels.
Lot 5 - Collison Proven Queen 1742
Born: 4/12/2017    18943561    Tattoo: 1742      COW
BW NA   Rat. NA   WWNA   Rat NA  YW NA  Rat. NA

       Dameron First Class
EXAR Classen 1422B 16915162
       EXAR Princess 2006

       #Twin Valley Precision E161
BR Moffitt Pro ven Queen 705 15792795
       Weisel's Queen 1220
EXG RS First Rate S903 R3
Dameron Northern Miss 3114
EXAR Lutton 1831
Greens Princess 1012
GAR Precision 1680
WCC Blackcap C9
PVF New Horizon 001
Dameron PVF Proven Queen

Consignor: Catie Collison
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
-4  +5.9  +55  +95  +6  +16  +4.31  +.64  +46  +.37  +.50  -.030  +29.60  +55.92  +30.92  +139.12 

Lot 6 - VZR Juliet 1704
Born: 3/24/2017    18765582     Tattoo: 1704     COW
BW 90   Rat. NA   WW NA  Rat NA   YW NA    Rat. NA

Dameron First Class
Lazy H Bar Fore ver Lady 532 18217011
Lady H Bar Forever Lady 50

Gambles Hot Rod
Sil veiras Style 9303 16427563
Silveiras Elba 2520
EXG RS First Rate S903 R3
Dameron Northern Miss 3114
#BR Midland
VAR Forever Lady 4304
#Famous 7001
Champion Hill Lady 703
#Twin Valley Precision E161
DAR Elba 55

Consignor: Rowdi Van zee
CED BW WW YW CEM Milk $EN SC CW Marb RE Fat $W $F $G $B
+9  +2.8  +40  +71  +14  +11  +15.92  -.8  +5  +.590  +.12  +.017  +16.86  +35.27  +37.56  +67.56 

• Sired by Silverias Style, she is a show heifer prospect with a proven track record. She was Spring calf division champion at the Clay Co. Fair. Donor dam was Champion Angus and Reserve Supreme at the 2016 Sioux Empire Farm Show, as well as the Res. Angus Female and Res. Supreme at the 2016 Clay Co. Fair. Don't miss this powerful donor prospect.