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Lot 1 - Welsh’s Sapphire 141Y Flush
Flush • BD: 3-10-11 • ASA# 2600237

         HTP SVF In Dew Time
Welshs Dew It Right 067T
         SVF NJC Senerita N29

         SVF/NJC Amazon
Welshs Roxie 103W
         SVF/NJC Crown Jewel R155

Consignor: JRW, LLC
13  0.4  56  74  12  19  47  0.03  0.56  121 

• Birth Wt. 77 lbs. • Weaning Wt. 643 lbs.
• Flush to the bull of your choice with a minimum of 6 embryos and a top of ten embryos.
• Sapphire was the fourth high selling heifer at the last years Agribition sale going to JRW in Mississippi. The $4,400 spent was a wise investment so JRW has elected to offer her genetics back in the same sale. What an opportunity for some established program or a new breeder getting into the Simmental business. This moderate framed female has been admired by many breeders claiming purple banners along the way this past show season. This beautiful constructed female won championship awards at the MS State Fair, Eastern Regional, and was just named Champion Female at the Dixie National. This female is neat made, smooth and complete in every way. Sapphire 141Y is a Dew It Right female and is a granddaughter of the Welsh donor, Crown Jewell. This female has proven lines on both sides of the family. Sapphire is due to calve about sale time and will be ready to flush May 1st. Flush to be done by Carter Embryo Services, Joel Carter. The Tennessee Agribition is always been known for showcasing elite genetics and this is a great way to get involved in the some the breeds best. Sapphire is homozygous polled.

Lot 2A - Welshs Beauty 126X Flush
Flush • BD: 1-31-10 • ASA# 2554352

      WLE Power Stroke
HC Power Drive 88H
      Kappes Lady Irish F88

      WAR Nitro
SVF NJC Ebonys Charm R29
       Nitro Ebony Antoinette

Consignor: Gleason Livestock
2.7  59  89  21  50  -0.12  0.60  93 

• Flush to the bull of your choice with an open top and guaranteeing a minimum of 6 embryos.
• Welsh Beauty was selected out of the 2011 sale by a couple of the Gleason boys, Ben, Jake and Joe. Beauty in her own right is out of the past Tn. Agribition, HC Power Drive and the now Sloup donor, Ebony’s Charm. It is hard to find many baldie females out of Power Drive and this one is good. In the 2011 Agribition catalog stated that Beauty had all the pieces to be a great one plus she had the style, muscle, body and
soundness of structure to go along with her awesome pedigree. A couple years have passed and visiting with the all the Gleason family all these things are even more evident today. The Gleason family of Sunflower Genetics is proud of Beauty and is offering a flush of this baldie Power Drive donor. The buyer can select the bull of choice and will receive all the embryos with an open top. Seller guarantees a minimum of six embryos. Opportunity is always at the Tn. Agribition it is up to you as a breeder to take advantage when the opportunity arises.

Lot 2B - Welshs Beauty x Silveira’s Style
3 Embryos Guaranteeing 1 Pregnancy

      Gambles Hot Rod
Silveiras Style 9303
      Silveiras Elba 2520

      HC Power drive 88H
Welshs Beauty 126X
      SVF NJC Ebonys Charm R29

Consignor: Sunflower Genetics & Nick Mertz
13  1.0  53  94  20  46  0.28  0.51  115 

• Selling three embryos sired by Silveira’s Style for some outstanding “Wow” factor SimAngus. Guaranteeing one pregnancy.

Lot 3A & B - J2 Ms Diva x Up grade
2 sets of 3 Embryos or 5 Embryos

      Ellingosn Legacy M229
Mr NLC Upgrade U8676
      Ms NLC Mojo S6119B

      CNS Dream On L186
J2 Ms Diva T04
       ET Ms Girl 52M

Consignor: Beshears Simmentals
10  1.9  77  114  11  23  61  0.22  0.95  129 

• Selling 2 sets of 3 embryos guaranteeing 1 pregnancies on each set or 5 embryos guaranteeing 2 pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist.
• Diva has been a great addition to our program. Her show career speaks for its self. Calf Champion 2007 NAILE Jr. Show, Reserve Grand Indiana State Preview Show, Junior Division Champion Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes, Open Show Res. Junior Division Champion Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes, Grand Champion Indiana State Fair Open Show, Supreme Overall, World Beef Expo Junior Show. But I think the most impressive thing about this young cow is her ability to produce. The first heifer to be shown out of her has produced quite a legacy herself, being named Reserve Grand Simmental at the Indiana State Fair among many other awards. I think pairing Diva with Upgrade could be her most powerful mating yet. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to own Diva progeny.

Lot 4A & 4B - SVF Sheza Star S800 Embryos
2 sets of 3 or 5 Embryos

      Nichols Legacy G151
CNS Dream ON L186
     CNS Sheeza Dream K107W

     HC Power Drive 88H
SVF Sheza Star N902
      SVF Sheza Lady J900

Consignor: Loschen Farms

W/C United 956Y PROJ EPDs
CE 12 BW 1.5 WW 76 YW 120 MCE 6 MM 21 MWW 59 Marb 0.30 REA 0.87 API 122

W/C Wide Trace 694Y PROJ EPDs
CE 10 BW 2.6 WW 70 YW 106 MCE 6 MM 20 MWW 55 Marb 0.23 REA 0.83 API 122

BC Lookout7024 PROJ EPDs
CE 12 BW 1.5 WW 61 YW 95 MCE 4 MM 19 MWW 49 Marb 0.43 REA 0.84 API 117

BC Classic 385 PROJ EPDs
CE 12 BW 0.6 WW 65 YW 101 MCE 6 MM 23 MWW 55 Marb 0.37 REA 0.68 API 121

BC Eagle Eye PROJ EPDs
CE 9 BW 2.1 WW 56 YW 108 MCE 5 MM 20 MWW 53 Marb 0.43 REA 0.78 API 111

• Selling 2 sets of 3 embryos guaranteeing 1 pregnancy or 5 embryos guaranteeing 2 pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist.
• The donor Sheza Star S800 is doing a great job in the Loschen Farms program. S800 is a daughter of the donor of Sunset View and Clearwater, Sheza Star N902. S800 is doing an exceptional job working with some of the best purebreds in the industry and some best Angus as well.In the last Land of Lincoln sale two daughters of S800 sold for $7,500 and $7,000 to the Ahren family. All her progeny seem to be huge bodied and stout made. At the Simmental Breeders Sweepstakes an Eagle Eye daughter was reserve calf champion. Please take time to view the sire selection on the matting’s with S800. We hope some of genetic combinations will appeal to your program. Call the Allie or Brian if need additional questions. Selling two sets of 3 or 5 embryos, it’s the buyer’s choice with all the appropriate guarantees. Call Allie or Brian for for more details.

Lot 5 - Double R Miss 29G T18 x Lookout
5 Embryos Guaranteeing 2 Pregnancies

      OCC Legend 616L
BC Lookout 7024
     Gibbet Hill Mignonne E37

     Circle T Antoinettes Star
Double R Miss 29G T18
     SAC Miss Jet Top 29G

Consignor: Sloup Simmentals & Double R Cattle
11  1.4  59  96  20  50  0.47  0.83  118 

• Selling 5 embryos guaranteeing 2 pregnancies if work is done by a certified embryologist.
• The donor Double R Miss 29G T18 is doing a whirl wind job on her producing ability. This donor is a superb female owned by Sloup and Double R. T18 is a half sister to the legendary donor, Glamour that was at KenCo several years ago. Of course, Glamour is the dam of Powerline. T18 is the dam of SVF Allegiance that was reserve bull at the Sweepstakes, champion at the Kentucky State Fair and most recently Division Champion at Denver. This is a family with standing power. The mating to BC Lookout will produce elite SimAngus that will be impacting sales for years to come.