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Lot 72 - Balintino V831
Born: 03/13/2008    16176272    Tattoo: V831    Cow

        # Bon View New Design 1407 (AMF-NHF)
Rito 2V1 of 2536 1407 (AMC-NHF) +14088249
        G A R Precision 2536 (AMC-NHF)

        #+ S A F 598 Bando 5175 (AMF)
Balintino V109 (AMF) #13976066
        Oprah V572
# B/R New Design 036 (AMF-NHF)
Bon View Pride 664
# G A R Precision 1680 (AMC-NHC)
+ G A R Ext 2104
# Bon View Bando 598 (AMF)
+ S A F Royal Lass 1002
#+ G D A R Oscar 711 (AMF-NHF)
Classic Erica Belle 412
+1  +4.5  +55  +98  +3  +22  -3.33  +22.68  +35.26  +23.02  +48.92  I+17  I+.41  I+.20  I+.032 

• Individual Performance: BW 83 lbs, BWR 106, 205 Wt. 630 lbs, WWR 114 with 24 contemporaries.
• Dam’s Production: 7 NR 106. Calving Interval 7 @ 358 days.
• A long bodied daughter of one of our son’s best cows. He is retaining a maternal sister this year out of MCATL Broadwalk.
• SAF 598 Bando 5175 is the sire of a beautiful set of cows at Schaff Angus Valley in North Dakota. They have excellent udders, great volume, excellent phenotype and are feminine.
• Bon View New Design 1407 was a medium sized bull with a lot of Angus character. His females were moderate sized that were highly sought after. This young bred female has excellent EPDs.
• Sells A.I. bred 5-7-09 to BT Freeway 91F. We decided to try to get some daughters out of BT Freeway 91F. He sired some really top females being excellent milkers, high volume stout matrons. Vet examined safe and believes due approximately Feb. 16, 2010 to A.I. date.
• All females have been calfhood vaccinated and poured with Ivomec.

Lot 73 - Park Lake Queen V855
Born: 04/15/2008    16172120    Tattoo: V855    Cow

         + Baldridge Maestro M38
Maestro V544 15159325
         Tammy V938

         Connealy FF 156
Park Lake Queen V246 14248480
         # Park Lake Queen V945
#+ Baldridge Notch A C
+ G A R Ext 614 (AMF)
Traveler 017
Fantasia V555
# Connealy Forefront (AMF-NHF)
# Boka Raton of Conanga 6151
+ B T Freeway 91F
Park Lake Queen
+3  +1.8  +52  +83  +4  +20  +3.11  +30.55  +21.56     

• Individual Performance: BW 77 lbs, BWR 98, 205 Wt. 605 lbs, WWR 116 with 21contemporaries.
• Dam’s Production: 4 NR 115.
• Excellent EPDs on this bred heifer. Ideal in my book for longevity in a cow.
• Sire is the outstanding breeding bull Maestro V544 who we lost at a young age. He was purchased at Baldridge’s in Nebraska where he was one of their top-selling bulls. His calves had terrific weaning weights.
• Dam comes off the number one producing family in our herd, being a Park Lake Queen that originated in Montana and has produced several herdsires, show heifers and brood cows.
• Bred A.I. on 5-23-09 to “Reachout”, an excellent outcross bull. Later 5-26-09 pasture exposed to Connealy Husker 203. Vet believes A.I. bred and approximate calving date of March 1, 2010.

Lot 74 - Park Lake Queen V839
Born: 03/19/2008    16172113    Tattoo: V839    Cow

         + Toebben New Design 2093
New Design V538 15288374
         Duchess Bleva V141

         Connealy FF 156
Park Lake Queen V231 14248341 
         Park Lake Queen V244
# B/R New Design 036 (AMF-NHF)
Waldeck Ef Forever Lady 9609
#+ S A F 598 Bando 5175 (AMF)
Duchess V517
# Connealy Forefront (AMF-NHF)
# Boka Raton of Conanga 6151
WK Extraordinary 0388
-2  +5.2  +25  +56  +3  +17  +13.81  +10.68  +6.31     

• Individual Performance: BW 85 lbs, BWR 109, 205 Wt. 466 lbs, WWR 78 with 33 contemporaries.
• Dam’s Production: 5 NR 103, 1 YR 100.
• A deep sided, high volume bred heifer. Her sire, New Design V538, a top son of Toebben New Design 2093 and Duchess Belva V141, an excellent daughter of SAV 598 Bando 5175. These daughters have been the female base for the well-known Schaff Angus Valley herd in South Dakota.
• New Design V538’s first group of calves had an actual weaning weight of 800 lbs. He was a very growthy bull we retained to use in our herd. This heifer is from the Park Lake Queen family.
• Sells A.I. bred to the great breeding bull HSAF Bando 1961 on 5-13-09. He has an excellent profile and is a beef bull with about 6.5 frame. Vet estimates safe to A.I. and a 2-19-09 calving date.

Lot 75 - Evening Tinge V103
Born: 02/28/2001    13976025    Tattoo: V103    Cow

         # Bon View Bando 598 (AMF)
S A F 598 Bando 5175 (AMF) #+12350821
         + S A F Royal Lass 1002

         #+ R&J Cruz 109 (AMF-NHF)
Evening Tinge V611 12668948 
         Evening Tinge V408
# Tehama Bando 155 (AMF-NHF)
# Bon View Dora 56
# V D A R New Trend 315 (AMF-NHF)
+ S A F Royal Lass 6089
#+ Leachman Prompter (AMF-NHF)
+ R&J Duchess 1936
#+ Black Thunder of V A F
Evening Tinge V025
+4  +3.6  +40  +73  +7  +20  +6.14  +21.23  +16.50  +20.09  +40.97  I+15  I+.30  I+.06  I+.011 

• Production: 3 BWR 100, 3 NR 102.
• Dam’s Production: 4 BWR 96, 4 NR 106.
• An “Evening Tinge” cow that has been a top producer. Evening Tinge V025 produced an Ak-Sar-Ben Grand Champion Angus Heifer.
• The grandmother’s sire, Black Thunder of VAF, was considered by many to be one Pine Drive Big Sky’s best 3 sons. He was a nearly perfect phenotype bull who sired length, thickness, bone, eye appeal, and heavy bone.
• The sire of this cow, SAF 598 Bando 5175, is the sire of the many beautiful matrons at Schaff’s Angus Valley in North Dakota.
• Lots of good bulls in this pedigree. R&J Cruz 109 was a bull with volume, size, and bone. His sire, Leachman Prompter, a big, stout bull is surfacing again in some modern day pedigree.
• This cow is the dam of one of our featured bulls, Tanner, 2-25-09 top son of SAV004 Traveler 4469, a full brother to “Heavy Hitter”, a $57,500 bull in Schaff’s 2008Sale. “Traveler 4469” was purchased from Schaff’s in 2006 for $11,500. He is truly a beautiful bull, very deep sided, high volume, heavy boned bull with an excellent disposition.
• Sells pasture bred after May 21, 2009. Vet estimates due around March 1, 2010 to SAV 004 Traveler 4469. The calf this cow is carrying could be worth twice than the price of the cow.

Lot 76 - Barbara V356
Born: 03/31/2003    14529805    Tattoo: V356    Cow

         # Connealy Forefront (AMF-NHF)
Connealy FF 156 13676243
         # Boka Raton of Conanga 6151

         Meadow Mist 2100-875
Barbara 8001 13155896
         Barbara V375
# Connealy Frontline (AMF-NHF)
Eileen Heartland Conanga6443
# California Traveler (AMF-NHF)
Boka Ext of Conanga 6551
# Rito 2100 G D A R
Meadow Mist C H 804 875
WK Extraordinary 0388
Barbara V013
+0  +4.0  +30  +60  +5  -2  +28.01  +7.30  +8.14     

• Production: 4 BWR 99, 4 NR 73. Calving Interval 4 @ 357.
• Dam’s Production: 6 NR 98. Calving Interval 6 @ 359 days.
• This is a young cow whose calf we are retaining. She is a “Barbara” heifer whose heritage produced an Ak-Sar-Ben purple ribbon heifer for us.
• Barbara V013 produced us a herdsire prospect we sent to Minnesota.
• WK Extraordinary 0388 was our choice out of a North American Grand Champion bull in Louisville, KY. He sired another purple ribbon heifer for us. He was a heavy bone, deep sided bull with volume.
• Connealy FF 156 died before his time due to an injury, but he left us some producing females.
• This young cow sells pasture bred after May 21 to SAV 004 Traveler 4469. This is a bull you can spot his progeny easily in the pasture. His females are making excellent cows. We had the misfortune of losing 7 of his top 2009 Jan-Feb daughters due to some poisonous batteries that had been deposited in one of our pastures. Due to this, we don’t have many of “4469’s” heifers to share with you. Vet examined as are all the bred females and estimated due date of early March 2010.

Lot 77 - Blackcap V232
Born: 03/05/2002    14248495    Tattoo: V232    Cow

        # B/R New Design 036 (AMF-NHF)
Bon View New Design 1407 (AMF-NHF) #12783540
        Bon View Pride 664

        + Gdar SVF Traveler 228D
Blackcap Opal V002 13706437
        Opal V510
# V D A R New Trend 315 (AMF-NHF)
B/R Blackcap Empress 76
#+ G A R Sleep Easy 1009 (AMF-NHF)
# Bon View Pride 1551
# Traveler 124 G D A R
+ G D A R Forever Lady 718
#+ G D A R Oscar 711 (AMF-NHF)
Blackcap 8908 of N Bar K
+9  +1.1  +28  +58  +8  +15  +14.97  +20.17  +7.05     

• Production: 4 BWR 99, 4 NR 95. Calving Interval 4 @ 368 days.
• Dam’s Production: 1 BWR 84, 1 NR 83.
• An own daughter of Bon View New Design 1407. He probably is or was the most popular Angus bull in the breed. His sire originated in the Bill Rischel herd in Nebraska, being B/R New Design 036, sired by VDAR New Trend 315, the “carcass king”.
• The dam of this cow is a daughter of GDAR SVF Traveler 228D. He was a transplant brother to SVF GDAR Traveler 216 LTD, a bull highly recognized for his carcass qualities.
• GDAR Oscar 711 was used extensively in the Baldridge Place herd owned by the late Jim Baldridge. He also was the sire of our “Oscar 120C” bull that was the 2nd top-selling bull at a Sunny Valley Sale from Illinois.
• Blackcap 8908 of N Bar K was a heifer we bought from the Wertenberger’s in Kansas. She was an excellent producer.
• Sells pasture bred after May 2, 2009 to our new herdsire, MCATL Traveler 538-822. We are anxiously awaiting his first calves. His EPDs are ideal in my estimation (BW
+2.7, WW+52, YW +102, Milk +25.) This young sire has really grown and is very thick over his top, displays a lot of volume and length. The calf from this mating will have an excellent pedigree. Estimated calving date first part of April 2010.